Snowstorms and frozen waves

First week of December 2010

Although it was forecast, it still sprung upon us as a surprise. It left as quickly as it came and it all started a week ago on Wednesday… It had already snowed a tiny bit and Mike managed to convince me to do a BMF session in the snow.
He said it wouldn’t be too cold, but he couldn’t have been more wrong! It took me three hours to warm up again after rolling around in the snow for an hour and just as I had thawed, it started and we saw it all happening from our kitchen window…
it started with a few new flakes, but soon it was snowing hard and fast! Even though I was already in my PJ’s I decided I wanted to go out and play straight away! Mike was well up for it too, so we headed out armed with a camera each. By this time it was about 11pm and there was no-one else out there so we felt as we had to snow all to ourselves!
After an hour of play we decided to head off to the pub for a well deserved drink, and yes, I was still in my PJ’s, but didn’t care! I figured anything goes in Brighton and I have seen people wearing worse.
The next day we all had a snow day off. Gatwick was closed, Mike’s work was snowed in, and even Claire had a snow day off as the trains were not running.
The three of us met after lunch and headed for the beach where we made a snow man. As it turned out, snow is quite cold, so we were forced to retreat back to the warm flat as our toes were frozen..
We did slightly start to worry about our booked flight to The Netherlands -to celebrate the Dutch version of Christmas (sort of) : Sinterklaas- on Saturday, but luckily we needn’t have worried and we flew to Amsterdam Airport as planned at the crack of dawn
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We got picked up by my parents, who decided they should take us on a tourist tour via Volendam, a typical Dutch village, which prides itself of still using and keeping Dutch traditions, mainly the traditional clothing. It was quiet when we arrived, with a light snow dusting and we could not see too much. We had a traditional hot coco and dutch apple pie when outside it started snowing more and more, to the point that we thought we’d better get back to the car or else we’d be snowed in!!

The snow storm we ended up in on the way back to the car was IMMENSE! never seen anything like it before!
Once back in the car we headed towards my home (about another 2 hour drive in normal weather conditions) via de Afsluitdijk, this is a 30km long dyke, built to close off a part of the sea, which has now become a lake. This is normally quite a sight, but -due to the storm that was howling outside, which was now not only throwing snow towards our window, but also sea, which froze on its way to the windscreen and ended up clogging the windscreen wipers in such as fashion that we could barely see where we were going- we saw nothing!
It was still quite an experience though and I am sure we will be able to show Mike the Aflsuitdijk on a clearer day in spring time next time.
That evening we had our present evening with traditions treats and presents.
The next day we took Mike on a touristy tour around our province and first we went to nearby Pieterburen’s Seal Rehabilitation Centre, after which we headed to Lauwersoog harbour, which is at sea, where you can get the boat and on a clear day also see the island Schiermonnikoog, and after we went to nearby Lauwersmeer. Both which were just amazing! Lauwersoog Harbour had frozen over and even the Lauwersmeer had! To the extent of the waves going over the grass on the nearby beach, then being frozen, more waves on top – being frozen again, creating an immense sight!!! Have a look at our pictures…

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Snowstorms and frozen waves

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