How lucky are we?!!! We have been offered by friend of ours to stay in his parents summer house in Ischia -for free!-
We had a long weekend coming up in October and Ischia conveniently located just off the coast of Naples, meant we could fly there for cheap too, how could we say no?
Ischia map 1
Karma was on our side when we got given seats in business class and fed lots of champagne, we arrived in a good mood. Having not booked anything, the journey there also went extremely smoothly: the bus to the ferry terminal just arrived when we got there and the ferry left 10 mins after we got on.
The ferry journey was lush: we sat in the sun and enjoyed the gentle breeze and view as we sailed past Capri. Once on Ischia we took the bus that goes round and round the island clock and anti clockwise, and easily found the flat with the instructions given.
We had to ask our friends grandmother, who lives next door, for the key. This seemed pretty straight forward, apart from the fact that his grandmother spoke Italian only!! But with our Italian phrasebook and gestures we managed to have a conversation, what a lovely women!
After a freshening up we headed out to check our perimeter. It was a gorgeous 24 degrees Celsius and we headed into the town and port of Forio, where we were staying. We bumped into a gorgeous courtyard Pizzeria where we started our addiction to Bruschetta’s, yum yum!
We also bumped into the Germans that we met on the bus, when they asked: “Sprechen sie Deutsch?” (and we said no). Turned out there are many MANY Germans in Ischia, that many, that some road and hotel signs and restaurant menus are in German too.
After late lunch we wandered around and found a church on the hill where we sat relaxing before strolling down again.
We found a lovely cafe with a view over the sea, where we enjoyed an apt cappuccino whilst reading our books. (I know, we don’t generally talk to each other much ;-)
As the sun was going down, we walked furher down to the port and watched the sun set, after which we did some food shopping before we retired to the flat for some more fact, the book that Mike got me to read (Swimsuit by James Patterson) was so scary (about a serial killer), that I ended up reading well into the night until I finished it, as I feared I would not sleep otherwise!!
Day two we took the bus round the other side of the island to a beach with some lovely natural hot pools, one so hot it was steaming! Nobody was in it. Unfortunately it had no sand, just massive rocks to sit, so after cooking ourselves and looking all wrinkley, we took a taxi boat to the nearby “Sant Angelo” and after exploring this in the heat, we relaxed in a lovely little restaurant with amazing views over the bay. Day three was all about relaxing: we went to a natural spa called Gardini Poseidon. It was absolutely amazing! We got given a map and ideally you should go through all the different pools by temperature, starting with the lowest. We decided to do just that and at the fist pool I was marveled by all the “silly old people” all wearing old fashioned bath caps!!
ischia-mapUnfortunately, as we were kindly told by a bossy German woman: bath caps were mandatory. So Mike trotted off to buy some.. We looked ridiculous!!! Luckily, everybody else did too, so we soon forgot all about that and enjoyed the wonderful warm and hot baths. We stayed all day, relaxing and chilling out in the baths and the beach. Of course Mike could not resist a little swim to a nearby island, whilst I was forever reading my book (Time Travelers Wife – VERY addicting and good!!) When the sun started to go down, we had to get changed as it was closing. We bought a bottle of beer each and enjoyed the sun set on the beach… ahhh bliss, now THAT is what holidays are about!!
On the last full day we went on a lovely walk towards the highest point of the island: Mount Epomeo. It was actually quite a tough walk and there were many of times where I was out of breath. But we made it and the views were worth it. Although I was not appreciating the wasps that had followed me to the top where I could not escape them!! After the walk back, we went for a rewarding last Bruschetta and Pizza at a little restaurant on the beach by Poseidon, which we had spotted yesterday. Unfortunately, this was the end of a lovely time in Ischia, I think we shall be back!!

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